Find the best expired domains instantly
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SkimDaddy saves you time and money

You get an expired domain, which already has good rankings in search engines.
You website will already have high volumes of daily organic traffic.
Exploring The
All important in-depth metrics with versatile filters and sortings simplify your search.
The Bet
The ultimate tool to find the exact time to place a bet or buy the domain out.

How SkimDaddy Helps You

SkimDaddy is a browser extension that offers a unique set of features designed with the only one goal - to make buying expired domains as easy and simple as it could ever be. Experience the advantages of the most versatile Smart Domain Auction Tool:

Search through expired domains using various filters: positions on Google, daily traffic, Alexa Rank, auction end time, domain name, price range, auction type etc.
Narrow your search by indicating a domain zone, bid range and more.
See the price right in the list by hovering a mouse pointer on he link.
Go to auction page of the domain right from the extension by clicking on the website link.
Get notification alerts when the auction is coming to an end for your list of favorite domains.
Know when a visited domain is on sale by seeing the extension window, which opens automatically on domains listed on GoDaddy Auctions.
Sort the list by a number of keywords on Google Top, search traffic volume or auction ending.
Find domains that rank for a specific keyword.
14 days FREE trial period.

All the desired info
is right in front of you

Observe key stats for every expired domain on the auction list. We foresaw the metrics you might want to look at and collected them all in one place. From Alexa Rank to Daily Google Traffic, from domain age to a comprehensive list of keywords with AdWords search volumes and direct links to Google SERPs.

SkimDaddy provides you with every bit of information you should have to make a weighted decision.

Domain Details by SkimDaddy

Do you need even more data to make the decision? Explore the domain auction page powered by SkimDaddy.
The graphs are placed right below the description for your convenience.

How It Works

The starting point is your need for a new website
or a domain name for an existing site

Open the SkimDaddy extension
Find a suitable domain name with high traffic volumes and positions on Google TOPs
Add it to favorites and set up the alert
Wait for the notification and place the winning bet
Enjoy owning a new domain name with high volumes of daily organic traffic.
Repeat from the start