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SkimDaddy Team

Our CEO, Sergii Larikov, insisted on choosing GoDaddy as domain auction platform as it is highly popular and has numerous bidders, which compete to get the perfect lot for their online entrepreneurship and benefit from the value of aged websites with good SERP positions and strong prospective customer base.

However, navigating through the presented data on GoDaddy Auctions is challenging. Understanding that grabbing a lot at the best price is your key priority, we deliver you the bare essence at your fingertips as soon as possible, bookmarked, filtered and organised.

This is what SkimDaddy is here for you.

Why GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy is a well known domain registrar. With GoDaddy, you can register a new domain as well as buy a domain name at the online auction. Over a million new and aged domain names for sale — this is one of the largest auctions on the Internet.

It takes too much time to find the most profitable deals. GoDaddy provides limited domain info, so buyers often have to collect necessary data bit by bit. Navigating through the presented data on GoDaddy Auctions is challenging. This is why we developed SkimDaddy to make your GoDaddy complete. Grabbing a lot at the best price is your key priority, so we deliver you the bare essence at your fingertips as soon as possible, bookmarked, filtered and organised

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Win the challenge with SkimDaddy

Fast and accurate domain search for over 1 million domain names for sale at GoDaddy auctions is possible only with SkimDaddy. While other users can see only what GoDaddy shows them, you can get much more. SkimDaddy turns your browser into a set of tools for professional work with GoDaddy auctions. One simple extension combines features for searching and selecting domains for sale by the most accurate criteria as well as features for deep domain analysis and evaluation. Domain's Whois, Alexa Rank, related keywords, volume of traffic for expiring domains, auction info and accurate number of bids - SkimDaddy will show you all of that in one click. While the other buyers struggle to find the best deals among the vast range of GoDaddy auctions, SkimDaddy will lead you straight to the most profitable offers.

Our Working Policy

We stay up-to-date and aware of latest usability requirements
We never stop at just one concept and several ways of its development
We discover new, revolutionary concepts by observing and considering the main user needs
We turn ideas to projects and projects — to one-of-a- kind solutions

SkimDaddy Auction Tool

Basically, SkimDaddy is a compact and yet very powerful browser extension which simplifies your work with GoDaddy online auction. This is your digital private lounge, where you can:

Observe the expired domains put up for the auction

SkimDaddy gives you a full list of sites that are currently open for bidding at GoDaddy

Keep track of their status

SkimDaddy has an auction ending counter for each lot. It also displays number of bids made for each expired domain on the list

Stay informed about the state of affairs at the domain auction 24/7

The extension has the “Favorites” feature that alerts you about auctions even when you are not on the website

Find expired domains that meet your business goals

SkimDaddy features smart advanced filters that can fully configure your domain search and find aged expired domains with subject, name, keywords that belong to your niche

Manage your time wisely

Quickly select a preferred expired domain or several domains and focus on them only, without having to navigate through the volumes of unnecessary data every time you enter the website

Get ahead of your potential rivals

SkimDaddy offers a fast way to view all important data before making your decision. It allows you to swoop down, offer the best price and win the auction just in time.