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​Keep track of the best domain deals

Simplify the process of finding domains relevant to your business by using this versatile tool. SkimDaddy will do all domain filtering and sorting for you, while you will have time to make a decision. By installing SkimDaddy to your browser, you will stay informed about the most profitable auction offers

  • Choose filters to sort and select domains
  • Stay aware of the best domain auction deals
  • Get expired domains with high authority

​Why to buy expired domain?

At some point, every business comes to a conclusion that it needs a website with a catchy and simple domain name. But in fact there are many factors to consider before asking a registrar to make a new record in their database.

By buying expired domain you get all the results of its previous activity: organic search traffic, direct traffic, user base and so on. The key to the best deal is to find a domain with outstanding performance and appropriate subject for your project. SkimDaddy is the tool to help you with the search.

No traffic No search rankings Bad ranking signal for search engines No users, no community Needs investments to attract visitors
Steady traffic flow Existing search rankings Good ranking signal for search engines Community consists of active users Attracts visitors right from the start

Who is SkimDaddy for?

SEO Agencies
Online Businesses

Search for High-Rated
Domain Names

If you understand the value of expired domains, SkimDaddy is exactly what you are looking for. This is a convenient browser extension that will help you quickly find and buy an expired domain name at GoDaddy Aftermarket. SkimDaddy gives you in-depth statistics and all important metrics you need to evaluate the domain. You can view domain SEO metrics directly in the extension and instantly make a buying decisio

Get top performing TLDs before your competitors do!

​Find Valuable Domains for Sale

SkimDaddy can easily replace an entire arsenal of web metrics tools used for aged domains evaluation. You save a lot of time with SkimDaddy targeted expiring domain names search at GoDaddy Aftermarket. Use smart filters to find the most advantageous deals!

Basic Options
  • Positions in Google SERP
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    symbols in domain name
  • Domain zones
  • Current Alexa Rank
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  • Domain age
  • All needed bits of information at your fingertips

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    WebArchive Version
    SimilarWeb Data
    Alexa Rank

    It's time to bid!

    Get a push-messages when auction comes to end

    SkimDaddy is your personal informant that tirelessly monitors domain auctions on GoDaddy. Add the domains you want to purchase to Favorites and specify when you want to be notified about the auctions coming to an end. You will get a push- message ight in your browser, so you will be able to place the winning bid right in time! SkimDaddy keeps working for you even when you leave the website. Make your bid and get a high-value domain today!

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